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Image of Mr and Mrs Burt by their hot tub
Hot Tub Delivery & Commission

Mr & Mrs Burt

" Thank You so much Gig for your professional service. We can't thank you enough, we will be recommending you to all our friends."

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Image of a hot tub repair underway
DIY Swim Spa Customer

J Hurber

"Great attention to detail, we are so glad we contacted Gig to help with our swim spa. We now have one less thing to worry about!" Read More

Fully installed hot tub installed by spa and pool services
Another Happy Hot Tub Customer

Mrs Grove

" Spa and Pool supplied and Installed our dream hot tub with a minimal fuss. Brian and Gig were very friendly and showed us how to use and maintain our new tub safely.

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Buy Hot Tub & Spa Thermal Covers from Us!

High quality green hot tub cover

Save Money & Reduce Your Hot Tub Running Cost

The Hot Tub Thermal Cover on your spa in responsible for maintaining the water temperature within the spa and provide protection from the outside elements. You can reduce your running cost by upto 40% with a good Spa Thermal Cover.
Just some of the great covers available for thermal spa covers

Not all Hot Tub Covers are the same!

Spa covers are no differant from everything else you buy - You Get What You Pay For!! We supply the best quality covers that are made here in the UK. All of the materials choosen are of high quality with great life expectancy. For example our covers have the following:

Just some of our Hot Tub Cover Selling Points

  • All materials used on our thermal covers are Marine Grade
  • We use high quality chemical resistant wrap to encapsulate the insulation
  • Our standard insulation is 880gm's
  • Zinc Plated Steel Reinforcement on each side - Most competitors use aluminium!
  • Tapered tops to allow water run off.
  • UV and mildew resistant vinyl
  • 8 great colours to choose from
  • Contact us with and questions on Hot Tub Thermal Covers.

    Alternatively download our Thermal Spa Cover PDF. It includes the colours available and how to measure up your spa.>>>>>>

    The main problem with most old spa covers is they become heavy over time due to becoming water logged. Some covers have also absorbed water because they were poorly constructed in the first instance and have soaked up moisture from both the spa water below and from the elements above. If the cover has sagged or broken the water can gather on the top and be almost impossible to remove. Many of our customers have even said that they haven’t bother to use the spa because the cover is too hard to get off on back on again so inevitably they don't use their hot tub. It is very disappointing that a spa that has cost good money to install and maintain is now not being used because of the problems that the thermal hardcover is causing.

    A few spa owners think that the cheaper answer is to install a cover caddy or cover lifter. This a a great way of protecting a new cover and saves it being throw around the garden, conservatory or on the floor in general, however .. if a cover lifter/caddy is fitted to assist with lifting a damaged or waterlogged cover on and off the hot tub it can put excessive stress on both the cover lifter and the spas panels if it is mounted to the sides of the hot tub. In short it could end up costing a lot more to replace broken panel or indeed another cover lifter if it ends up being damaged but a heavy cover.

    We get a lot of orders come through to order new thermal covers and on a few occasions the customer has taken advantage of this and ordered their new cover in a better colour to match their spas surroundings. This option was probably not available to them when they first purchased the spa a were probably told that they could have any colour they like, as long as it's brown!! Our covers come in a range of eight colours and if a colour was required that is a total one off, we could quote on most designs with even pictures or graphics added to them.

    It is also very important to consider the aftercare of your new hot tub cover. There a range of products that can keep your new cover clean and fully protected from the many different weather conditions and the effect that UV rays can impose upon the cover.

    A new cover can dramatically improve the insulation qualities of the spa saving on average around 40% on heating bills in certain situations. A good test to see how much heat your spa is loosing is to watch the steam escaping from the cover bi-fold joint. This is obviously wasted energy that that should be retained to keep the heat in the water and not disappear into the atmosphere.

    A good quality cover should be able to retain a good covering of snow or frost without melt whilst the water below is hot. The straps that are attached to the cover serve two main purposes. One is to lock the cover in position so that children and unwanted guests cannot access the spa the second is to make sure that the cover does not blow off and get damaged during heavy wind or storm conditions.