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Image of Mr and Mrs Burt by their hot tub
Hot Tub Delivery & Commission

Mr & Mrs Burt

" Thank You so much Gig for your professional service. We can't thank you enough, we will be recommending you to all our friends."

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Image of a hot tub repair underway
DIY Swim Spa Customer

J Hurber

"Great attention to detail, we are so glad we contacted Gig to help with our swim spa. We now have one less thing to worry about!" Read More

Fully installed hot tub installed by spa and pool services
Another Happy Hot Tub Customer

Mrs Grove

" Spa and Pool supplied and Installed our dream hot tub with a minimal fuss. Brian and Gig were very friendly and showed us how to use and maintain our new tub safely.

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Professional Service for All Makes of Hot Tub

Another happy spa and pool services customer!

A regular Hot Tub Service will keep your tub in tip top condition

Service costs £225 fully inclusive of labour, mileage and all cleaning chemicals. After sales for additional filters or chemicals for ongoing use will be charged separately (if required).
One of the Hot Tubs that we insatlled and now service

We are happy to help with all services and spa repairs - no matter how small

A call out is charged a £75. Any customer further than 50 miles away from CV6 will be quoted for based on their location. Remember advice cost nothing so get in contact today on 02476 364808.

Our 12 Point Hot Tub or Spa Service

  • Biofilm Eliminator added to old water and flushed through
  • Filters soaked in cleaning solution
  • Our standard insulation is 880gm's
  • Each Jet or nozzle is checked for damage or dirt build up.
  • All Spa Plant checked for performance - including pumps blowers etc.
  • Comprehensive Joint and Glue check on all pipework
  • Empty - Clean - Rinse Down
  • Customer Briefing. Any current or future problems highlighted. Repair undertaken if required (additional cost).
  • Circulation Pump and heater checked for any scale build up
  • Gaskets and O rings replaced as requied.
  • Tapered tops to allow water run off.
  • Refill and Refit Filter
  • Prime Pumps and Commission Air Blower
  • Balance Water as required
  • Replace Lid and wipe off.
  • Another Professional Service !!!
  • Contact us with and questions on our Hot Tub or Spa Services..

    Alternatively download our Hot Tub and Spa Service PDF.>>>>>>

    A service visit can throw up many different situations but will basically include the following;

    1. The Spa needs to have the old water left in and the flushing compound will be added to this and the spa will be run through two cycles to remove internal debris and bio-films etc. The spa will then be drained, cleaned, vacuumed and all jets will be checked for efficiency and damage.

    2. Whilst the spa is being flushed through a full check will take place on all control equipment and pumps etc. A pump that is running hot or not performing properly can be checked for signs of wear internally and also metered to make sure that the amperage draw is in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. The Control pack can develop faults as the spa gets older. Circuit boards can burn out due to loose wires not being tightened especially on the mains connections. A leak in the spa base can inevitably cause the blower to take on water and eventually blow internal fuses and circuit breakers etc. On a few occasions leaks have been detected above the control pack and if they had have been left would have gone on to cause expensive damage to the Hot Tub. Prevention is always better that cure and the cost for a service visit can easily outway the cost of a major repair.

    3. Whilst it is not always possible, we will attempt to repair any minor faults as part of the service visit. If the fault found requires major attention, the service will be completed and a separate quotation will be organised. Many customers have never seen the inside of their spa and it is always good to explain the workings of the tub, especially the filtration, heating and pump systems whilst all the covers are off. This can lead to a better understanding of their spa and promote a better understanding of the spa use.

    4. On many occasions the customer has had little or no instruction on how to use their spa of how to achieve safe water chemistry and good techniques for the safe day to day running of the Hot tub. A service visit will include full instruction for any points that the customer is concerned about and also a full back up by phone or e-mail for anything that comes up in the future. Advice costs nothing!

    5. The spa will be refilled and a final clean around the surface and cabinet will then take place. The thermal hardcover will also be cleaned and treated before being refitted. If a cover lifter/caddy is fitted to the hot tub this will also be checked and cleaned.

    6. When the spa is full the power will be switched on and a final check will take place. On some spas the filter cycles/time needs to be reset and the customer will be asked what time these are better set to for them and explained what they are/what they do. If the instruction manuals on the spa have disappeared they can often be sourced and sent through ASAP.

    7. Finally the spa is left in a clean, safe condition and any major points that have arisen from the visit will be full explained and quoted for if necessary.